A study found that the California State University system had 11,614 full-time faculty in 1973, and 12,019 in 2008. During that same time period, administrators grew from 3,800 to 12,183, ending up with more administrators than faculty. I would guess that things were not really all that lean in 1973 either. It has only gotten worse since 2008. An anonymous college professor — he calls himself “Professor Doom” — has been chronicling his own experience working in this environment of bureaucratic horror. As he describes it, all academic standards have tumbled downhill as a consequence. Not just academics, either: with the bemused air of one watching Rome burn, he noted recently that one university formally recognized a Satanist student organization, while another banned a Young Americans for Freedom group for its “inflammatory” anti-communist stance.

At some point, the trustees of private colleges might want to step in and clean things up. Probably, this will not happen until the student-loan money stops flowing, for some reason. When that time comes, they might discover that they actually have a nice little college, underneath that stinking pile of administrative waste and corruption.