October 3 NHHEU update

NHHEU Member Update, October 3, 2017 

Bargaining Update

Your Bargaining Committee met with CCSNH management on Thursday, September 28. Our goal since we began the process last spring has been to establish a positive relationship with management, to engage in a productive dialogue, and to reach a fair agreement that acknowledges the crucial role of full-time faculty within the System.

Last Thursday, we presented a formal proposal on Workload to management. Our proposal clearly defines number of contact hours and would bring them in line with other community colleges in the region. A vigorous debate followed, which demonstrated management’s lack of genuine understanding of the amount of time and effort faculty consistently devote to their students and the broader college community.

​As we mentioned in an earlier update, we’ve presented a proposal on healthcare, which would provide better coverage at a lower cost. Management has expressed no interest to date in seriously considering that proposal for reasons that are unclear.​

We will meet again this Thursday, October 5. We expect management to present an economic proposal and a response to our proposals on Workload and Healthcare.

Meet Your Bargaining Committee

Professor Robert Bragdon
Department of Sciences
Nashua Community College

Professor Kim-Laura Boyle
Physical Therapy Department
River Valley Community College

Professor Dan Shagena
Mathematics Department
NHTI-Concord’s Community College

Professor Jason Strong
Electrical Technology Department
Manchester Community College

Professor Bill Shurbert
Information Technology Department

Steve Soule
Business Manager
IBEW Local 2320

A Scathing Indictment: Responding to the Recent Performance Audit

Performance Audit completed in August 2017 by the New Hampshire Office of Legislative Budget Assistant found significant mismanagement, inefficient practices, and a lack of accountability. Financial mismanagement has led to full-time faculty layoffs and contributed to an increase in the hiring of adjunct faculty in recent years. In response to the Audit, the Chancellor has assured State Legislators that he and his team will resolve these issues. He has presented a list of solutions and handpicked a task force. However, he has not accepted responsibility or agreed to a more fiscally responsible management style.

Pressure from CCSNH faculty, students, administrators, and community members led the Legislature to demand this Audit. But its publication was not the end goal. We demand genuine reforms of the System, and we must keep up the pressure on the Legislature and the Board of Trustees to hold the Chancellor accountable for resolving the serious issues exposed by the Audit in a timely way.

To that end, we are producing a report in response to the Audit, which makes several recommendations, including:

  • The CCSNH must establish a strong full-time to adjunct faculty ratio.
  • The New Hampshire General Court must regularly and fully monitor the Chancellor’s spending and hold him accountable to the Public Higher Education Study Committee for spending choices at the end of each budget cycle.
  • The General Court must require a complete CCSNH financial audit by the Legislative Budget Assistant every five years.

Student Voices Needed

As full-time faculty, the members of NHHEU are experienced, dedicated, career educators with the stability, time, and resources to meet students’ needs and contribute to the improvement of their departments, colleges, and communities. We believe that the resources of CCSNH should be spent wisely, with public oversight, and directed toward delivering a high-quality education to our students.

We want to hear from students about their positive experiences working with full-time faculty at CCSNH. If you know any students or alumni willing to share their stories, please send their names and contact information to our union representative, Todd Bedard, at president@ibew2320.org. We will not share students’ information with anyone without their express permission.