IBEW 2320

Important Phone numbers, forms, and contacts

Text Box: Phone Numbers

BENEFITS VZ & FP                877-489-2367

ABSENCE/FMLA                     877-275-8947

EAP                                               800-327-2037

DAVIS VISION                         800-999-5431

TUITION ASSISTANCE        866-994-3470

AVAYA BENEFITS                  877-208-0783

MET                                             800-638-4228

MET DENTAL                          800-556-3490

FIDELITY                                  888-457-9333

LONG-TERM CARE               800-231-6969

Text Box: Grievance form

IBEW Local 2320

46 Third Street, Manchester, NH 03102-4596


603-669-7089 fax

Glenn Brackett, Business Manager


Steward Name:                                                      Steward Phone#  ________________

Steward Name:                                                      Steward Phone# _________________                     




Employee involved:                                                                                 Job Title:______________________

Work Location:                                                                                          NCS Date:_____________________


When did the grievance arise?_________________________________


Has this grievance been discussed with Management?                        yes     no


Articles Violated(List all besides G1, G2, G8, & G11):




Describe grievance fully: (this info for union use only)










Date:                                                                                                                               Signature:


Company's Position

1st Line Supervisor:                                                                                                                   Date Heard:________________





2nd Line Supervisor:                                                                                                                  Date Heard:________________



At the completion of these first two steps please forward all grievances to the union office

along with any pertinent documentation